Conservative Baptist Network Steering Council members among signers of memo applauding government departure from Critical Race Theory-based training

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Oct. 2, 2020


Brad Jurkovich, Conservative Baptist Network Spokesman
(318) 588-0819

[email protected]

Bossier City, La. – More than two dozen Conservative Baptist Network Steering Council members joined leaders throughout the United States in signing a Sept. 29 Conservative Action Project memo regarding Critical Race Theory. The memo applauds the Trump administration for ending funding for Critical Race Theory-based training within the executive branch of the federal government.

“Critical race theory is an insidious ideology with its roots in neo-Marxism,” the Conservative Action Project memo states. “It purports to expose and correct ‘unconscious racial bias’ and ‘white privilege,’ and in doing so, treats ‘whiteness’ as a moral blight. It identifies ‘oppressor’ racial groups and treats anyone as a member of that group as guilty by association, while members of victim groups are considered morally innocent by virtue of their skin color.

“Such training goes against the foundational principles of the United States – namely that our justice system is premised on a colorblind application of the rule of law. In America, we do not privilege or condemn individuals for immutable characteristics such as skin color. It is this commitment to the equal rights of all individuals – regardless of race, creed, or color – that makes America’s commitment to liberty the truest in the world.

“The battle against critical race theory is a proxy for the larger battle between those who would define America on the lie that the color of one’s skin is immutably linked to one’s worth, and those who know the truth: that America was founded on a fierce belief dignity and the equality of all – and those beliefs have made America the greatest barrier to racism and tyranny that the world has ever known.”

To read the memo in its entirety as well as the list of signers, follow this link:


The Conservative Baptist Network is a broad-based grassroots movement of Southern Baptists of all generations who are committed to the sufficiency of Scripture for all facets of life and application. Its 54-member Steering Council includes pastors and laypeople from across America, including well-known figures such as former Atlanta fire chief Kelvin Cochran, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, past SBC President Charles Stanley, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Vice President Tom Phillips, and immediate past SBC Executive Committee Chairman Mike Stone. The Steering Council can be found online at