Alabama forms state chapter of the Conservative Baptist Network

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Jan. 29, 2024

Today the Conservative Baptist Network announces the launch of its Alabama state chapter. With more states soon to launch, the Network continues to expand as a localized, grassroots effort.

Leading the Alabama chapter as a lead state coordinator is Jason Duckett, pastor of Moundville Baptist Church in Moundville, Ala. Duckett has a passion for preaching and evangelism, a heart for local church pastors, and takes an uncompromising stand on the Word of God. As a committed Southern Baptist, he desires to see healthy local churches that are doctrinally faithful and distinctly Baptist. 

“The primary reason for which I am distinctly Baptist is because I begin and end with the Bible. The Bible alone is authoritative for all matters in life and eternity. It alone is sufficient in how faith is to be practiced in the local church,” Duckett said. “To be Baptist is to be biblical; to be biblical is to be Baptist. The practices which are unique to Baptists—autonomy of the local church, practice of the two ordinances, regenerate church membership, the priesthood of the believer—are the distinct instructions of Scripture for the local church. So, it is the authority of the Bible which fully persuades my being distinctly Baptist.”

Duckett also noted how grateful he is to be a part of the larger, Conservative Baptist Network family of churches that stand firm on the sufficiency of Scripture.

“I am so encouraged by the formation of the Conservative Baptist Network,” he said. “I desperately long for other distinctly Baptist pastors and churches with which we can partner for the sake of the gospel. For this reason, I am excited and thankful to join this family of churches. I look forward to encouragement, accountability, shared resources, and the opportunity to partner in missions with confidence and in no way will conflict with the sufficiency of Scripture.”

Timothy Pigg, who serves on the Conservative Baptist Network Steering Council and as a state chapter coordinator, expressed his excitement for the launch of the Alabama chapter. 

“The Alabama chapter is an expression of God’s continued favor upon the Conservative Baptist Network,” Pigg said. “The encouragement that pastors will receive from this chapter is critical because of the world we live in which is hostile to the Lord’s church.” 

The Alabama state chapter plans to partner alongside local church pastors, provide text-driven resources to local churches, and engage Alabama Baptists to fulfill the Great Commission. 

“It is my prayer that the Alabama state chapter will provide a biblical partnership among Baptist churches in our state,” Duckett said. “No Baptist pastor or church in Alabama should be alone in their ministry calling. This state chapter will offer encouragement and resources so that each pastor and local church can be more readily equipped to fulfill the Great Commission without fear of compromising biblical truth.” 

Learn more and join the Alabama chapter on the Network’s website at