Valentine’s Day 2023 marks third anniversary of grassroots movement born out of love

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The Conservative Baptist Network exists because we love Jesus Christ and His gospel message and want to see it shared widely and faithfully around the world so that many will come to a saving knowledge of the Messiah — the Lord of lords and King of kings — the perfect, sinless savior sent to earth because “God so loved the world” (Jn. 3:16).

From the beginning, it has been fitting that the launch of this Network took place on Valentine’s Day. In many ways, love has been the compelling element giving rise to our organization and propelling its work all 1,095 days of its existence. 

We love our Southern Baptist family and desire to see it healthy and able to be used of God to help accomplish the Great Commission.

We love our local churches and the pastors who shepherd them, and we desire for their voices to be heard and their contributions to the Southern Baptist Convention stewarded well.

We love our Southern Baptist entities, formed by the sacrifice and effort of generations preceding us, and we pray for them to be effective tools to equip future pastors, missionaries, and Christian leaders in heralding the true gospel, which we know through the sufficient scriptures.

We love God’s Word. To have the inspired, true, trustworthy, inerrant, sufficient, powerful, living, God-breathed Word of God is to be equipped with “everything pertaining to life and godliness” (2 Pet. 1:3), and for this, we are endlessly thankful.

We love the lost. We desire deeply to see revival sweep across our communities, our nation, and our globe. We pray that our witness will be emboldened, that our efforts and intentions will be pure, and that our mission will be central and not waylaid by distractions or apathy. We pray for unity and peace among the Christian brotherhood built upon a the sure foundation of an unflinching commitment to Truth.

This Valentine’s Day, we thank God for the joy of celebrating the third anniversary of the founding of the Conservative Baptist Network, formed by grassroots Southern Baptists Feb. 14, 2020. As we begin year four, we look forward with great gratitude and tremendous excitement for all that lies ahead. May God be honored and magnified through the Conservative Baptist Network.

“Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.” – 1 Cor. 16:13,14

The Conservative Baptist Network is a partnership of conservative Baptist pastors, churches, and individuals wherein all generations are encouraged, equipped, and empowered to bring positive solutions that strengthen the Network and influence the Southern Baptist Convention in an effort to fulfill the Great Commission and engage culture. To learn more about the Network, visit our website at To make a tax-deductible contribution to the Network online or by check, visit our giving page at