STATEMENT: Conservative Baptist Network Endorses Pastor Mike Stone for SBC President

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May 20, 2021

The upcoming Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention occurring June 15-16, 2021, at the Nashville Music City Center in Nashville, Tenn., will be one of the most consequential Southern Baptist gatherings in recent history. God has used Southern Baptists to take the hope of Jesus to the nations, and we have much still to do until Jesus returns for His church. 

However, the reality is that a variety of issues threaten Southern Baptist unity and therefore also Southern Baptist effectiveness in reaching the lost for Christ. The Conservative Baptist Network believes that God can use Southern Baptists in a powerful way for future generations, but we must take a biblical stand at the upcoming SBC gathering—a stand for the sufficiency of Scripture in every part of Southern Baptist life.             

On Tuesday, June 15, at 2:15 p.m. in Nashville, Southern Baptists will have the opportunity to cast their votes for the next president of the Southern Baptist Convention. 

Leadership is critically important, and for this reason that the Conservative Baptist Network enthusiastically endorses Pastor Mike Stone as the next president of the Southern Baptist Convention. 

Pastor Mike Stone:

  • is a pastor with years of pastoral leadership experience and a heart for shepherding a local church. The local church is the headquarters of the Southern Baptist Convention. 
  • supports without hesitation the sufficiency of Scripture. His commitment to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 and the implementation of this important document in Southern Baptist life will give Southern Baptists confidence and clarity to stand boldly for the Word of God in an increasingly anti-Christian culture. 
  • holds that the Bible is the only analytical tool he needs, leading him to reject unbiblical ideologies such as Critical Race Theory, presented to SBC Annual Meeting messengers in 2019 as a beneficial analytical tool via Resolution 9. 
  • is a pastor consumed with a passion to lead his church and our denomination with an unwavering commitment to evangelism. 
  • has years of experience serving Southern Baptists on the state and national level. From these positions of denominational leadership, Pastor Mike Stone has shown time and time again the wisdom, skill, and convictions that have strengthened Southern Baptists in their mission. The experience he brings is invaluable in understanding and speaking into the various entities of Southern Baptist life. He knows well the role and responsibilities of the SBC President and will handle this role with the maturity and conviction necessary. 
  • understands the value of a trustee system that helps to serve Southern Baptists with transparency, efficiency, and accountability. 
  • desires to develop and encourage stronger commitment to the Cooperative Program among the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention. 
  • knows the value of relationships. Pastor Mike Stone has an incredible testimony of developing relationships across the Southern Baptist Convention with those from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and experiences in order that our convention of churches would continue to reach people for Christ in every city across America and around the world. 

For these reasons and many more the Conservative Baptist Network strongly believes Pastor Mike Stone is the man that God has raised up to be the next president of the Southern Baptist Convention. 

See you in Nashville!


Hear directly from Pastor Mike Stone: