STATEMENT: Conservative Baptist Network Endorses Dr. Lee Brand (1st VP) and Pastor Javier Chavez (2nd VP)

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May 26, 2021

When Southern Baptists vote June 15, 2021, in Nashville, Tenn. for the next president of the Southern Baptist Convention, they have the opportunity to seize a pivotal moment in the trajectory of the SBC. With the selection of a bold, Bible-centric conservative, Baptists can steer the SBC away from worldly ideologies and toward a renewed emphasis on evangelism of the lost and the sufficiency of Scripture in word and deed.

The Conservative Baptist Network has made clear its endorsement of Pastor Mike Stone as the preferred candidate for president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

(Learn more about Pastor Mike Stone here:

Also of importance, however, are those with whom the SBC president surrounds himself. Lee Brand and Javier Chavez, the candidates for first vice president and second vice president, respectively, stand out as men of character and courage whose wisdom and work ethic have drawn others toward them and situated them as natural leaders in their spheres of influence. Both men are incredible leaders who would serve Southern Baptists well. 

The Conservative Baptist Network enthusiastically endorses Dr. Lee Brand to be the next first vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention and encourages messengers to vote for him June 15.

Dr. Lee Brand:

  • Understands and champions the sufficiency of Scripture in every facet of faith and practice
  • Recognizes the need for biblical racial reconciliation according to Scripture and not worldly ideologies
  • Has a passion for personal evangelism—recognizing the only way to fix a broken system is through changed hearts
  • Served as pastor in a thriving and growing church for more than 17 years
  • Knows and understands well the work of the pastor
  • Is committed to the next generation of Southern Baptists as he trains preachers and pastors at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary

The Conservative Baptist Network also enthusiastically endorses Pastor Javier Chavez in the strategic role of second vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Pastor Javier Chavez:

  • Planted his current church in 2016, which is now one of the fastest growing congregations in Georgia
  • Leads a dynamic, multicultural ministry including many young families
  • Is known for his evangelistic zeal and his conservative, biblical views regarding the sufficiency of Scripture
  • Partners in ministry with churches in Peru; Mexico; Colombia; Honduras; Geneva, Switzerland; Manchester, UK; and Tokyo, Japan
  • Has served in a variety of denominational roles including on the Committee on Committees, Executive Committee of the Georgia Baptist Convention, and as the second vice president of the Georgia Baptist Convention  

Mike Stone, Lee Brand and Javier Chavez comprise a strong, conservative slate of godly men who will lead our convention with excellence if elected. We encourage Southern Baptist churches to send a full slate of alotted messengers to Nashville to vote for these upstanding and outstanding men of God.

See you in Nashville!


Hear directly from Dr. Lee Brand:

Hear directly from Pastor Javier Chavez:

Hear from Pastor Javier Chavez en Español: