MABTS White Papers: “Sufficiency of Scripture” Academic Paper Series

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The Conservative Baptist Network is pleased to partner with Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in promoting its White Paper series: “Sufficiency of Scripture.” The four installments have been released sequentially in spring through fall of 2020, and the series is now available in its entirety on the MABTS website.

To access all four parts, follow this link:

To access the four parts individually, follow the links below:

Issue 1:  Understanding the Key Debates (now available! by Dr. Matt Akers

Issue 2: Deepening Knowledge of Alternate Views (now available!) by Dr. Lee Brand & Cary Duffel, MDIV

  • Click here to listen to Dr. Lee Brand, Dean of MABTS, deliver a speech on the Sufficiency of Scripture during the 2020 Gospel Is Enough Conference.

Issue 3: Forming a Biblically Based Opinion (now available!) by Dr. Michael Spradlin.

  • Click here to listen to Dr. Michael Spradlin, President of MABTS, deliver a sermon entitled Standing on the Promises, which allows us to take confidence in the sufficiency of Scripture.

Issue 4: The Importance of Baptist Distinctives (now available!) by Dr. John Mark Terry