Kentucky Baptists launch Conservative Baptist Network state chapter

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Contact: [email protected]

LAWRENCEBURG, Ky.—The Conservative Baptist Network continues to gain momentum across the United States, announcing the launch of the eleventh state chapter representing Kentucky.

Leading the Kentucky chapter are John Raizor and Mark Keith. Raizor has served in ministry for 27 years and currently serves on staff as an associate pastor at Alton Baptist Church in Lawrenceburg, Ky. Raizor also works full time as a director of church outreach for The Family Foundation, a non-profit organization advocating for God-honoring public policy. Keith serves as a mission strategist for the Knox Baptist Association.

Convinced of leftward drift within the Southern Baptist, Raizor and Keith desire to cultivate relationships and partner alongside other pastors and laymen to help effect positive change in the Southern Baptist Convention.

“I hope by forming a Kentucky state chapter we are able to build relationships and encourage one another to make a difference,” Raizor said. “I see a grassroots movement all around the nation, and Kentucky can do their part.” 

Both Keith and Raizor hope that through education, gathering people, and preaching the Word of God, the local church can be salt and light and a steadfast anchor championing truth. 

“Truth about Jesus matters,” Raizor said. “He is the absolute truth.” 

For more information about connecting with the Kentucky state chapter, visit